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  • To help you make the most of TalentCentral why not register for one of our free public training sessions. Simply identify the training course that best fits your needs and register online.

    • Designed to cover the basics of TalentCentral Administration, this session will provide you with the essential information required to confidently create and manage your projects.

      Target audience: New administrators & occasional users who would benefit from a refresher 

      What’s covered: System Navigation  |  Project Creation  |  Project Management  |  Candidate Experience  |  Retrieving Results

      Suitable for the following levels of access: Company Super User  |  Company Admin  |  Manager

      Duration 75 minutes

      Time Zones: EMEA, APAC, US

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    • Designed for clients who have a brand new TalentCentral system, this training will guide the initial system super user through configuring their TalentCentral platform in preparation for day to day administration. 

      Target audience:  The initial system user of a new TalentCentral site  

      What’s covered: System Configuration  |  Project creation and management  |   Retrieving results  |  Dashboards  

      Suitable for the following levels of access: Company Super User 

      Duration: 90 minutes  

      Time Zones: EMEA, US, APAC

      Pre-Course Information
      : Please view the pre-course information to gain a deeper understanding of the content that will be covered on the training. 

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    • Discover our basic training that covers the essentials to get you started on TalentCentral. 

      Target audience: Administrators who require a quick overview or refresher.

      What’s covered: Site navigation  |  Project setup  |  Results  |  Settings 

      Suitable for the following levels of access: Company Super User  |  Company Admin  |  Manager 

      Duration:  45 minutes

      Time zones: EMEA, US 

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    • Target Audience: Experienced administrators who would like to focus on our Smart Video Interview On Demand product.

      What’s covered: Configuring a Video Interview  |   Project creation and management  |  Rating Video Interviews  |   Retrieving results  

      Minimum Requirement for attendance: TalentCentral System Orientation training or experienced TalentCentral User.

      Duration: 45  minutes 

      Time zones: EMEA, US

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    • Have you recently migrated to TalentCentral using our Kx CollectionThis course will  cover everything you need to know  to confidently create and manage your projects on TalentCentral. 

      Target audience: New administrators who are using our Kx Collection portfolio  

      What’s covered: Site navigation  |  Project setup using Kx Collection assessments  |   Results  |  Account Settings  

      Suitable for the following levels of access:  Company Super User  |  Company Admin  |  Manager 

      Duration: 45 minutes  

      Time zones: EMEA, US

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    • Can’t find the training you need? Send an email to detailing your training needs and we will be in touch to discuss this with you.